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Office Furniture Storage Solutions

Office Furniture Storage Solutions


Most businesses struggle with finding efficient, long-term, and affordable office furniture storage solutions. Small businesses and large corporations rent out physical locations and purchase office equipment in bulk. They also keep a physical inventory of important records and documents and struggle with space as more capital is invested and new inventory is bought.

But most office furniture storage solutions never actively address these problems. Storage is not cheap, especially if you’re a business that needs bigger lots to store its inventory for a long time. In addition, the more inventory you accumulate, the more time it takes to sift through files to find a specific document.

At Store Ur Box, we understand this. Our office furniture storage solutions are designed to be affordable, smart, and easily accessible. Instead of charging a lump sum for ‘thin air’ and floor area, we charge you by the box. This means businesses can start storing stuff with us for as low as $4.90 a month.


Unique Business Storage Solutions

Our business storage solutions are designed for accessibility and convenience. At Store Ur Box, we use a cloud-based network to ensure that you can access your inventory any time you want from anywhere in the world on any device you want. Each box is sealed with its separate seal/security code, and every document and item is separately recorded and added to the cloud with its own unique barcode/seal number/security code. Businesses can then use these codes online to check on a specific document whenever they like.

Our goal is to offer business storage solutions that effectively address and eliminate most business storage problems.

What Makes Us Different?


At Store Ur Box, we’re all about the security and the long-term safety of your goods. Our boxes are specially designed for this purpose. We use boxes, crates, and suitcases that are heavy-duty, sturdy, and well-shaped. They’re well-protected and have our special security seals in place.

Here is a selection of boxes you can choose from depending on your requirements and materials:

  • Standard Crate (70 litres)
  • SUPA Crate (145 litres)
  • Small DocuBox (29 litres)
  • Large DocuBox (43 litres)
  • Large Suitcase (112 litres)
  • Small Suitcase (70 litres)

We also offer storage facilities for bigger storage needs. You can give us a call or leave us an email to discuss your requirements.

Our storage facilities are well-protected. We have high-tech devices like CCTV cameras, restricted access and identification locks, temperature control, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems in place. In addition, our highly-trained security teams guard the facilities 24/7. We also provide businesses with the option to insure their goods against damage to avoid the probability of any unforeseen incident.

We are the most secure business storage company in New Zealand.

Never Visit A Storage Unit Again

With Store Ur Box, you never have to visit a warehouse or storage facility to submit or retrieve your goods. Our process is simple:

  1. We drop the box(es), crate(s), or suitcase(s) you’ve ordered at your chosen day, time, and place.
  2. We pick the packed box(es) either the same day or at another chosen date from your location.
  3. We seal your box(es) and store them within our facilities. You can check on them online whenever you want.
  4. You ask to retrieve your box(es), and we deliver them back to you.
  5. You stop paying for the box(es) you’ve retrieved.