How It Works?

Well it’s pretty simple…

Our driver will deliver your boxes and wait while you pack them, or return to collect them at a later time.

You might even have suitcases packed and ready to go.

Either way we’ll transport your items to one of our high security warehouses.

Whenever you need your stuff back, let us know and our driver will deliver it back ASAP.

Not only will you never have to visit a storage unit again, you won’t even need to leave the house.


Storage Units All Across NZ

Store Ur Box storage units are ideally placed to cater for your storage needs all across NZ. At Store Ur Box, we provide trusted and secure storage solutions in Tauranga and Albany. We bring you the utmost convenience without charging exorbitant fees. 

Instead of searching for “self storage in New Zealand” or “storage box NZ”, you must choose Store Ur Box’s affordable and comprehensive storage solutions in NZ. We will always work toward your specific needs and offer the perfect sized moving boxes for you in NZ. 

Why choose Store Ur Box rather than self storage units in NZ? So you don’t go through the hassle of hiring a moving man, getting help to pack, and travelling to the storage facilities in Tauranga or Albany. 

We offer door-to-door storage solutions in NZ that collect your items from your house, store them, and return them to you whenever you need them. What’s more, we only charge you by the box. That means you only store what you want, and pay for it! If you need moving boxes in NZ, make sure you don’t miss out the specially designed, well-crafted and highly secured boxes from Store Ur Box. Check them out at our online store

Secured Storage Facilities in NZ

Our storage units in NZ are packed with security, tightly monitored, and under 24/7 surveillance. We also have high-tech, security measures in place that include restricted access, temperature controllers, motion sensors, sprinklers, and a maintenance crew that keeps our storage units in NZ in great shape. 

Our storage facilities in NZ are designed for mobility, allowing customers to access them from any corner of the world through a cloud-based network. You can view every item in your inventory through any web-based device of your choice by logging into our systems and entering the unique passcodes/barcodes given to you. 

Need a Storage Box in NZ?

If you need moving boxes to store your items, we have a wide range of options available for customers in NZ. 

  • Standard Crate (70 litres)
  • SUPA Crate (145 litres)
  • Small DocuBox (29 litres)
  • Large DocuBox (43 litres)
  • Large Suitcase (112 litres)
  • Small Suitcase (70 litres)

What Can’t You Store For Me?

We are open to storing all kinds of items. But due to safety and other regulations, we cannot store the following items for you: 

  1. Items in plastic bags, plastic boxes, bin bags, canvas bags, and laundry bags
  2. Perishable items such as food, condiments, and dairy products.
  3. Birds, fish, animals, or any living creature.
  4. Explosives, weapons, ammunition, or anything declared illegal by the state. 
  5. Any item which emits fumes, and has a bad odour. 
  6. Flammable materials, liquids, or compressed gases, including but not limited to: paint, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, alcohol, artificial fertiliser, or cleaning solvents.
  7. Any toxic, flammable, or hazardous substance or preparations, classified as such under the law.
  8. Stolen Property.

How Store Ur Box Works

With Store Ur Box, you never have to visit a warehouse or storage facility to submit or retrieve your goods. Our process is simple:

  1. We drop the box(es), crate(s), or suitcase(s) you’ve ordered at your chosen day, time, and place. 
  2. We pick the packed box(es) either the same day or at another chosen date from your location. 
  3. We seal your box(es) and store them within our facilities. You can check on them online whenever you want. 
  4. You ask to retrieve your box(es), and we deliver them back to you.
  5. You stop paying for the box(es) you’ve retrieved. 

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