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Space To Grow

No matter the size, location, or type of business you run, a cramped office space can be one of the biggest killers of productivity and workplace culture.
Excess inventory, supplies, paperwork and files often pile up quickly in small spaces, requiring extra effort and time to keep things organized.
This situation can become a problem when the space-chewing items are too valuable to get rid of.
Businesses may often have to increase space by relocating, building on to their current office, or taking out a storage unit.
However, these options involve lots of time and money, as well as stress.
If you are working from home these issues are made even more difficult by the conflicting demand of managing your work/life spacial needs. Having to combine your home with your business can be a challenge!
Store Ur Box’s office storage solution allows you to securely store your businesses articles for as long as you need, without having to visit a storage unit once.
After placing a booking, our team will; drop off empty boxes to your workplace, come and collect the boxes once you have packed and sealed them, safely store boxes in our state of the art facility, and deliver them back whenever you need them.
Contact Store Ur Box today to see how we can assist the growth of your business - FREE CALL 0508 202 202.