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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Store Things Other Than Boxes?

As you can see from our website you can store things with Store Ur Box in either our crates, our docuboxes or your own suitcases. In some circumstances we can store other items but will need to discuss with you first. If you have special requirements then give us a call and we will try to accommodate.

Can I Use My Own Boxes?

Yes, you can use your own boxes as we’re all about flexibility! However, for quality and safety reasons we prefer you to use ours. They are heavy duty and designed to hold our security seals in place. If your things are already packed there’s probably no need to repack them. You would need to make sure your boxes are sufficiently sturdy to do the job (double-walled cardboard), not oversized, have good shape to them and are not heavier than 25kg when full. They must not be supermarket boxes or cheapies from the hardware store. If you do choose to use your own box and it comes apart in transit, then by necessity we would need to repackage into one of our boxes. This would compromise our security protocols. And you may be charged for the materials and packing service.

Do You Store Large Items?

Yes we do, for more information please made contact with one of our friendly Customer Service via email: [email protected]

How Do I Get My Stuff Back?

As soon as you’re ready to get any belongings back, go online and select the items you want returned, we will deliver them ASAP.

How Do I Pay For My Storage?

We accept all major credit cards which is the preferred method of payment. You pay the first month in advance and all subsequent payments are by recurring credit card or direct debit. We do accept bank to bank payments. Any problems just give us a call.

How Does It Work?

After heading to and placing a booking, our staff will deliver your boxes to either your home or workplace. You pack whatever you want to be stored, we can either wait outside (up to 15 minutes) or come back later. From there, we store your items in a high security, fully sprinklered warehouse. When you want any of your stuff back, select what you want and we will deliver ASAP. It’s all done online from the comfort of your office or home.

How Does Your Pricing Compare To Other Storage Services?

Traditional self storage units are very expensive. Firstly, you have to pay for space meaning that inevitably you will end up paying for plenty of ‘thin air’ and floor area that you don’t use. You also need to factor in the cost and time commitment of transporting your items to and from your storage unit! Our pricing is transparent and only by the item. You can store from just one box to many. We provide insurance cover if you want it. The bottom line is that you never have to visit a storage unit again!

How Much Does It Cost?

With Store Ur Box you pay by the item and these start from $4.90 per month. Unlike Self Storage units you don’t need to pay for any empty space. There are no long term contracts to sign and if you take an item back you stop paying for it. Our home appointments are $25 each time we visit. For this we will deliver and take away up to 6 items. We recommend that your stuff is ready to pack when we arrive with the empty boxes. That means you only need one appointment.

How Secure Is Your Warehouse?

We’re safer than Fort Knox. All our facilities are alarmed, have 24 hour security cameras, restricted access and are fully sprinklered.

Is There A Way I Can View My Items Once They're In Storage?

Store Ur Box will provide a password enabled personal account.You can access your own inventory through any web enabled device. The inventory includes your description of the contents of your box(es), the unique security seal number(s), the barcode number(s) and of course your own personal photo gallery.

What Can't You Store For Me?
We will store just about anything. For safety and insurance reasons we can’t accept the following;
  1. Items in plastic bags, plastic boxes, bin bags, canvas bags and laundry bags
  2. Food, perishable goods including sauces e.g. soy sauce and ketchup
  3. Birds, fish, animals or any living creature
  4. Explosives, fireworks, weapons or ammunition
  5. Any item which emits fumes, smell or odour
  6. Any illegal substances or goods illegally obtained
  7. Combustible or flammable materials, liquids or compressed gases, including but not limited to: paint, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, alcohol, artificial fertiliser or cleaning solvents
  8. Any toxic, flammable or hazardous substance or preparations, classified as such under law
  9. Illegal drugs or stolen property
We are also not responsible for damage or loss of alcohol, paint, jewellery, watches, artwork, paintings, money, coin, securities or stamp collections, computers and other electronic equipment. We recommend you do not pack these with your other stuff.

If you have any concerns please contact us or refer to the terms and conditions.
What Is The Best Way To Pack My Items?
  1. Pack items together that you are likely to want back at the same time
  2. Place heavy items at the bottom to make sure delicates do not get crushed
  3. If you are storing fragiles we recommend you use appropriate packaging such as bubble wrap or clothing.
  4. When storing your clothes, pack like you would a suitcase to optimise the most space and decrease wrinkles. You can stuff socks and small items in shoes to take advantage of space.
What Kind Of Insurance Do You Provide?
  1. Through our website Store Ur Box provide total loss transit risk and storage cover to the maximum nominated value of $10,000. Your value is averaged across the number of boxes, suitcases or crates that we are storing. For example if you have taken $10,000 of cover and are storing 5 crates, each crate will be insured to a maximum of $2,000. The $10,000 ceiling doesn’t mean we can’t go higher but you will need to call us so we can discuss your needs and get you a quote. A word of caution however, is that under this policy we can’t cover claims for accidental loss or damage to items that we are not liable for under our customer contract. We recommend that you take out our Store Ur Box cover, it’s relatively inexpensive and provides some ‘peace of mind’ in the event of unexpected circumstances.
What Types Of Boxes Do You Supply?
  1. We offer a number of different options:

    • Standard Crate (70 litres)
    • SUPA Crate (145 litres)
    • Small DocuBox (29 litres)
    • Large DocuBox (43 litres)
    • Large Suitcase (112 litres)
    • Small Suitcase (70 litres)
When Can I Have My Things Delivered Back To Me?
  1. All you need to do is go online and log into your account. If you’ve forgotten your password give us a call and we will sort things out. You just log in and select the stuff you want back, choose the date and time you prefer from our easy to use booking system. We are open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.
Where Can I Use Store Ur Box?
  1. Store Ur Box has facilities in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
Where Can You Collect My Boxes From?
  1. We can collect your boxes from either your home address, a business address or your student halls of residence. To ensure a successful collection, do make sure you enter your full address and accurate information when you book. It can also really help if you tell us if there’s anything different about your address so our driver will be able to find you.
Who Uses Store Ur Box?
  1. People all around the country are using Store Ur Box, however there are certain types of people for which the service is especially helpful. These include:

    • Retirees, people in aged care or rest homes
    • University students studying and living away from home
    • People who live in apartments or are downsizing
    • Travellers on OE, house sitters, business people on assignment, students studying overseas
    • Businesses with excess documents or paperwork and people working from hom
Will The Driver Call When They Are Outside?

Our driver or Service Centre will text you when they are on the way to your nominated address. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a call from the driver, so we always try and make sure that we get as much detail as we can to make sure there aren’t any problems. To make everything run as smoothly as possible, please tell us any special delivery instructions when you place your order.

Will There Be A Charge If My Collection Cannot Be Made?

If our driver or delivery partner is unable to collect or deliver your items due to insufficient address information or if you are not at home or not ready when the driver arrives, there will be a charge of $25 to rearrange your collection. Our driver will wait for up to 15 minutes (at no additional cost). Should our driver be unable to reach you we will rearrange your collection or delivery at an additional cost. However, the majority of collections are successful first time.

Will You Open My Boxes?

Your privacy is important to us however if there is a health and safety concern or we suspect the items stored are in breach of our Terms and Conditions we may need to open the boxes to investigate further. If we see the items are packed incorrectly ie. over weight limits or not secure following transit we might have to repack these.

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