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Store Ur Box – It’s Just A Click Away!

We live in a time of ultimate convenience so why should storage still be in the dark ages?

Store Ur Box is a game changing storage solution that serves the traditional purpose of a self-storage unit, minus the cost and the hassle.

You’ll never have to visit a physical self-storage unit again: our service comes straight to your doorstep. It’s like a taxi for your stuff! Best of all you only pay by the item not for lots of empty space.

It couldn’t be easier! Book online. We come to you with everything needed to declutter your life. You pack up the items you want stored and we take them back to our secure facility.

You can trust us to take care of everything; we’re safer than Fort Knox. All our facilities are alarmed, have 24 hour security cameras, restricted access and are fully sprinklered.

Your personal online inventory and photo gallery is just a click away. Whenever you need your stuff back, we will deliver ASAP.

Store Ur Box can help out anybody needing to reclaim their lost space and simplify their day-to-day lives. Whether you’re a retiree, a small business owner, a traveller, a student, or just want to clean up a little bit, get in touch with Store Ur Box to see how we can help!



Finding cheap storage in Auckland is not easy! A secure and affordable storage option is a necessity especially for students who are studying away from home, travellers and home DIY-ers for the items that they cannot take with them or space to store during a renovation. People who are looking to move house may also require storage for a short period of time while waiting for their new home to be ready. And if you are running a business at home, over time you may find that you’ll need a better way to organise and store your business records and paperwork. Most storage facilities in Auckland are not designed for affordability or ease of use. Customers are tied up in complex contracts and forced to pay for the service for months on end, irrespective of how long they need the service. These self storage facilities in Auckland charge by lot size and make you pay for both the space your goods utilise and the space that is left vacant. All of this adds up to exorbitant rates that most people who are looking for a quick fix and convenient option just couldn’t afford. At Store Ur Box, we do things differently.

Flexible Self Storage Facilities

Our self storage facilities are nothing like other storage spaces in Auckland. Our storage services in Auckland cater to you, the customer, and the facilities are built for maximum security, durability, and safety. The best part is that you can submit and retrieve your goods at any time online. Our drivers collect and drop your items right at your door, so you never have to personally visit our self storage facilities in Auckland.

Self Storage in Auckland


You can use our high-quality boxes for self storage in Auckland. We offer high-quality, robust, and well-built boxes, suitcases, and crates that come in all sizes and shapes. They are designed for holding all of your goods without damaging anything. Alternatively, you can choose to pack your items on your own – some of our customers use their own suitcases. Please note if the packing is inadequate and does not fall in line with our guidelines, we will have to repack your stuff in our boxes. If this happens, we will first notify you before we proceed.

What Can’t You Store For Me?

We are open to storing all kinds of items. But due to safety and other regulations, we cannot store the following items for you:

  1. Items in plastic bags, plastic boxes, bin bags, canvas bags, and laundry bags
  2. Perishable items such as food, condiments, and dairy products.
  3. Birds, fish, animals, or any living creature.
  4. Explosives, weapons, ammunition, or anything declared illegal by the state.
  5. Any item which emits fumes, and has a bad odour.
  6. Flammable materials, liquids, or compressed gases, including but not limited to: paint, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, alcohol, artificial fertiliser, or cleaning solvents.
  7. Any toxic, flammable, or hazardous substance or preparations, classified as such under the law.
  8. Stolen property.

How We Work

With Store Ur Box, you never have to visit a warehouse or storage facility to submit or retrieve your goods. Our process is simple.

  1. We drop the box(es), crate(s), or suitcase(s) you’ve ordered at your chosen day, time, and place.
  2. We pick the packed box(es) either the same day or at another chosen date from your location.
  3. We seal your box(es) and store them within our facilities. You can check on them online whenever you want.
  4. You ask to retrieve your box(es), and we deliver them back to you.
  5. You stop paying for the box(es) you’ve retrieved.

Great Customer Support 24/7

We are here to help you if you have any questions. You can call us on 0508 202 202.