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Why Is It Better Than Self Storage?

Store Ur Box takes the traditional self-storage model and flips it on its head; cutting costs, saving time and removing inconvenience – we live in an age of convenience, so why should storage be any different?

Store Ur Box offers a ‘full service’, valet style storage solution where you pay ‘by the box’ for exactly how much space you need.

When we say we provide the ‘full service’, we mean it – you will never have to visit a storage unit again, as we drop off empty boxes to you, collect them, and courier them back whenever you need.

So, if you’re looking to free up time, preserve memories, save money or create some more space in your home, Store Ur Box is the perfect storage solution for you.

Best of all, you will love working with our customer-focused team, who make it a priority that you enjoy a stress free experience.

So, how does it all work?

  1. Head to and use our ‘easy pick’ menu to choose the storage option you require; either our boxes and crates or your own suitcases.
  2. Then, schedule an appointment for us to deliver your boxes – if you don’t require our boxes then we can pick up your own suitcases.
  3. Our courier will deliver empty boxes to your doorstep, and then will wait up to 15 minutes while you organise your items – alternatively we can drop off the boxes and come back later to collect them.
  4. Store Ur Box safely takes your boxes/crates/suitcases back to our state of the art warehouses.
  5. Whenever you want your things back, we will courier them right back to your doorstep on demand.

So, why is Store Ur Box better than Self Storage?

Save Money

To begin with, Store Ur Box works out to be a lot cheaper than hiring a self-storage unit.

This is because with Store Ur Box, you only pay for each item, box or suitcase you use, rather paying for vacant empty space in bulk.

This method of  ‘paying by the box’ – saves both money and convenience.


When it comes to flexibility, Store Ur Box is able to store your things for as long as you need – it could be from one month, or two years, it’s all up to you.

A Taxi Service for your stuff

We like to call ourselves a ‘taxi service for your stuff’ – meaning that you’ll never have to visit a storage unit again, we will come straight to your doorstep, for pick-ups and delivery.

Whenever you want to get your items back, it’s easy – just contact us and we will courier your boxes/crates back to you as soon as we can.

Forget packing up your car and lugging all your stuff back into your house, we will take care of everything.

Our Staff

Our staff members are friendly and easy to communicate with, and strive to make you experience as stress free as possible. Bookings can be made through either our website or call us on 0508 202 202.