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Top Tier Storage Box Service in NZ

It’s a storage solution catering to a wide variety of people at prices you won’t believe!

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Affordable Pricing

Our prices are the cheapest in the country, so you can rest assured you're getting the best value for your money.

Valet Storage Service

Our storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and climate control, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure.


We offer a convenient pickup service where we collect your boxes directly from your home, saving you time and effort.

Our Storage Solutions

Secure Storage Solutions

Looking for a way to effortlessly declutter and organise your space? Quick and reliable storage boxes NZ solutions from Store Ur Box offer a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every need, all of which are available for viewing on our online storefront.

Discover a storage box option that serves an array of needs without breaking the bank! At Store Ur Box, we're dedicated to streamlining your lifestyle with our premier security measures. No matter the duration of storage you require, or the purpose — creating more room, transitioning residences, or as a solution for students, retirees, or professionals — Store Ur Box can assist.

Our storage locations are meticulously organised and equipped with fire protection systems, safeguarded round-the-clock for your peace of mind. Available in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin, we're here to support your storage needs.

Storage Units and Solutions

At Store Ur Box, our organisation is at the forefront of providing dependable storage units and solutions, ensuring that your belongings are safeguarded within our storage boxes across New Zealand, serving a myriad of residential and commercial clients. Our commitment is to your reassurance, guaranteeing that your possessions are protected and readily available when you need them.

No matter the reason – relocating, embarking on adventures, pursuing academic goals, or optimising your workspace – our extensive selection of self storage boxes across NZ is tailored to meet a variety of requirements. Store Ur Box is dedicated to making storage containers easily available to you. Here, you invest only in the space you use.

The process we’ve established is straightforward: reserve, gather, store, and return. Charges are based on the individual storage box in NZ, not the dimensions of the storage unit, ceasing the moment you reclaim your items. Forget the hassle of truck rentals and transport; we handle the collection and return of your belongings directly.

Why Store Ur Box?

Opt for Store Ur Box for adaptable storage solutions that won't stretch your budget. Access your belongings on your terms. Our commitment to affordability is steadfast; we regularly compare our rates with others to ensure you're receiving unparalleled value.

With us, the days of paying for unused space are over. Our unique pricing model means you're only charged for the actual storage you use – by the individual box. And the moment you take your items back, the cost is off your bill – it's that straightforward.

We place a high priority on the safety of your possessions. At Store Ur Box, rest assured that your stored items are protected in our New Zealand facilities, fortified with round-the-clock monitoring, advanced security technology, and stringent access controls. Each item is safeguarded with our robust, tamper-resistant seals for your peace of mind.

Temperature regulation and state-of-the-art fire prevention systems, including alarms and sprinklers, are standard features in our storage centres, ensuring the well-being of your belongings against any adverse conditions.

Apartment Living

Apartment dwellers, rejoice! The days of cramming your belongings into every nook and cranny are over. Store Ur Box delivers the freedom to enjoy your urban oasis, no matter the size. Our bespoke storage solutions breathe new life into your apartment, giving you back the luxury of space to relax, entertain, and live unencumbered by clutter.


For the trailblazing entrepreneur, the home-based startup, or the established corporation, space is synonymous with potential. Store Ur Box empowers your business to grow without the constraints of physical space through dependable office furniture storage solutions. Archive documents, store seasonal decor, or manage inventory with our flexible storage solutions, ensuring your office environment remains a sanctuary of productivity and creativity.


Clutter isn't just physical – it's mental too. A tidy space fosters a clear mind, and Store Ur Box is your partner in achieving both. Our decluttering service is more than just storing away excess; it's an invitation to transform your environment into a place of tranquillity and order. Rediscover the joy of open, breathable living spaces with our easy and efficient storage options.

Simplify Your Downsizing

Transitioning to a smaller living space? Downsizing doesn't have to mean downsizing your life. With Store Ur Box, keep the things you love without feeling overwhelmed by them. Our secure storage solutions give you the flexibility to hold onto your treasured belongings without sacrificing the newfound simplicity of your smaller home.

A New Chapter for Retirees

Retirement is a time for new beginnings and making the most of every moment. Don't let possessions from the past hold you back. Store Ur Box provides a safe place for those items you're not ready to part with, enabling you to step into retirement with a home curated for comfort and ease.

The Traveller's Companion

For the globetrotters and the business travellers, the world is your oyster, and Store Ur Box ensures it stays that way. Keep your belongings safe and sound while you traverse the globe, with the peace of mind that everything will be just as you left it upon your return. Our storage solutions are perfect for those who live on the go but want to keep their possessions grounded.

Student Life, Streamlined

University life is an adventure, and with Store Ur Box, you can dive in headfirst without the anchor of unnecessary belongings. Whether you're heading home for the summer or studying abroad, we'll take care of your stuff until you're ready for it again. Affordable, easy, and flexible – we're the storage solution designed with the student budget in mind.

Join the Storage Revolution

Ready to embrace a clutter-free lifestyle? Store Ur Box is here to guide you every step of the way. From packing tips to custom storage strategies, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience that meets your unique needs.

Dive into our array of storage options tailored for every aspect of life. Whether a compact crate for your keepsakes or a roomy box for bulkier items, we've got the solution. Transparent, straightforward pricing means you'll know exactly what you're paying for, with no hidden costs.

Some of our storage options:

  • Standard Crate (70 litres)
  • SUPA Crate (145 litres)
  • Small DocuBox (29 litres)
  • Large DocuBox (43 litres)
  • Large Suitcase (112 litres)
  • Small Suitcase (70 litres)

Don't wait to reclaim your space. Get started with Store Ur Box today by calling us at 0508 202 202 or visit our website to explore our services and begin your journey to a spacious, organised life. Your belongings are in expert hands, and your space is just waiting to be rediscovered.

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Store Ur Box is one of the leading providers of storage solutions, providing safe and secure storage boxes in NZ for thousands of households and businesses. We aim to give you peace of mind, where you can trust your items will be safe and secure until you need them again.

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What our customers have to say about our service, check below!

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