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Get Storage Units Wellington with Ease

Need reliable and secure storage units Wellington that fits your needs? At Store Ur Box, we simplify storage with affordable, secure boxes tailored to your needs. 

Managing your living or working space effectively often involves smart storage solutions. Store Ur Box provides a variety of storage options for different situations, such as downsizing, decluttering, or requiring temporary space. Our service focuses on secure, accessible, and cost-effective storage.

Store Ur Box caters to a range of storage requirements in Wellington. Students needing short-term storage during holidays, families wanting to store valuable heirlooms, or businesses requiring extra inventory space will find suitable solutions with us. We emphasise flexibility and customer focus, aiming to deliver value without unnecessary costs or complexities.

Choose Store Ur Box in Wellington for a secure and convenient storage business. We are committed to customer satisfaction and security, ensuring your belongings are well-protected. Our variety of storage boxes makes it easy to find a solution that fits your needs, helping you maintain a more organised and spacious living or working area.

Self Storage Wellington Units

At Store Ur Box, we pride ourselves on offering self storage units in Wellington and across New Zealand that are affordable while emphasising security and convenience. Our Wellington facilities are among the most secure in New Zealand, featuring advanced surveillance and protection measures.

Each storage box placed in our Wellington storage facility is under constant surveillance, ensuring maximum security. We employ state-of-the-art security systems, including personalised security seals and barcodes for every item, providing an unmatched level of care and safety for your belongings.

From storage Palmerston North to Wellington and throughout NZ, we have your storage sorted.

Accessible and Economical Self Storage Facility

Understanding the diverse storage needs in Wellington, especially for students, travellers, and professionals, Store Ur Box has developed a range of self-storage solutions that are both user-friendly and cost-effective. Whether for a short or extended duration, our storage options in Wellington are affordable and convenient. We offer various sizes and types of storage boxes to securely pack and store your items.

Household Storage Services

We specialise in offering household storage services that are hassle-free and efficient. Our process involves providing the right storage boxes to suit your household needs. You can choose to pack your belongings yourself or let our team handle everything. Once packed, simply inform us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Unmatched Security in Wellington Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities in Wellington are equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and trained security personnel. We have incorporated comprehensive security measures, including alarms, motion sensors, and fire prevention systems, to ensure the highest level of safety for your stored items.
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Guidelines on Storage Items

While we accommodate a wide range of storage needs, certain items are restricted due to safety and legal regulations. Prohibited items include:

  • Items in non-durable containers like plastic bags and canvas bags
  • Perishable goods such as food and dairy products
  • Living creatures, including pets, birds, and fish
  • Illegal items like explosives, weapons, and stolen goods
  • Odorous or fume-emitting items
  • Hazardous materials, including flammable liquids and gases
  • Toxic substances classified under law

Effortless Storage Experience with Store Ur Box

Our goal is to make your storage experience as effortless as possible. Our storage process is streamlined for your convenience:

  • Delivery of boxes or containers to your location at a scheduled time
  • Collection of your packed items whenever you’re ready
  • Secure storage in our well-guarded facilities
  • Online inventory management, allowing you to view your items anytime
  • Retrieval and delivery of your items back to you upon request
  • Flexible billing – you only pay for the time your items are stored

Storage Flexibility and Customisation

We understand that everyone’s storage needs are unique. That’s why we offer a range of box sizes and facility storage plans to fit different requirements and budgets. Whether you need to store a few items with student self storage or an entire household’s worth, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Easy Online Management and Support

Our user-friendly online platform makes managing your storage effortless. You can schedule pickups, manage your inventory, and request returns with just a few clicks. Our customer support team is always ready to assist with any queries or special requests you might have.

Safe and Secure Document Storage

For those in need of a secure document storage unit, we offer specialised services to keep your important papers safe. Our climate-controlled facilities ensure your documents are protected from moisture and other damaging elements.

Specialised Storage Options

Apart from standard storage solutions, we also offer specialised storage options for unique items such as antiques, electronics, and more. These specialised boxes provide the optimal environment for Wellington's sensitive items.

Convenient Location and Access

Our Wellington facility is conveniently located and easily accessible. Whether you're in the heart of the city or the suburbs, you'll find our location ideal for quick and easy access to your stored items. Alternatively, when you need your items back, just let us know, and we will deliver them to your doorstep. This system eliminates the need for you to physically visit the storage facility, saving you time and effort while ensuring your items are easily reachable when needed.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Store Ur Box, we are committed to providing a storage experience that exceeds expectations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your storage journey is smooth and hassle-free from start to finish.

Explore our diverse range of storage boxes and CCTV surveilled storage solutions and experience the convenience and security of Store Ur Box in Wellington.

One-stop-shop Storage Solutions

Store Ur Box is one of the leading providers of storage solutions, providing safe and secure storage boxes in NZ for thousands of households and businesses. We aim to give you peace of mind, where you can trust your items will be safe and secure until you need them again.