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The Best Storage Box in Dunedin

Storage boxes are becoming a popular option to store extra things for people in Dunedin. They are compact, more affordable, and offer most people the flexibility that doesn’t come with reserving and paying for units.

Store Ur Box offers you the best Storage Box option in Dunedin. Our storage boxes are meticulously designed for sturdiness, protection, durability, and security.

With Store Ur Box, moving boxes in Dunedin is easier than ever. You never have to worry about driving all the way to storage facilities, searching, repacking your stuff and then driving back home. We make the entire storage process a breeze.

Instead of doing everything on your own, our customers simply order the number of boxes they want, pack their stuff, and let us know when it is ready to collect.

Safe Storage Units in Dunedin


Our storage facilities in Dunedin are under surveillance of CCTV cameras and security patrol 24/7. We have temperature controllers, sprinklers, motion sensors, and other alarms in place as well.

Why not take the stress out of storage and save money in moving boxes, packing tape and moving vans. With Store Ur Box, self storage in Dunedin is accessible, cheap and hassle-free.

Types of Storage Box We Offer in Dunedin

You may not realise that there are actually different types of storage boxes for different items and needs. We have crates which are perfect for storing bulky and heavy items. You can choose a cardboard document storage box in Dunedin if you need to store paperwork, files, books, and magazines. Additionally, we provide suitcase storage, which is ideal for storing your clothes.

What Can’t You Store For Me?

We are open to storing all kinds of items. But due to safety and other regulations, we cannot store the following items for you:

  1. Items in plastic bags, plastic boxes, bin bags, canvas bags, and laundry bags
  2. Perishable items such as food, condiments, and dairy products.
  3. Birds, fish, animals, or any living creature.
  4. Explosives, weapons, ammunition, or anything declared illegal by the state.
  5. Any item which emits fumes, and has a bad odour.
  6. Flammable materials, liquids, or compressed gases, including but not limited to: paint, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, alcohol, artificial fertiliser, or cleaning solvents.
  7. Any toxic, flammable, or hazardous substance or preparations, classified as such under the law.
  8. Stolen Property.

How We Work

With Store Ur Box, you never have to visit a warehouse or storage facility to submit or retrieve your goods. Our process is simple:

  1. We drop the box(es), crate(s), or suitcase(s) you’ve ordered at your chosen day, time, and place.
  2. We pick the packed box(es) either the same day or at another chosen date from your location.
  3. We seal your box(es) and store them within our facilities. You can check on them online whenever you want.
  4. You ask to retrieve your box(es), and we deliver them back to you.
  5. You stop paying for the box(es) you’ve retrieved.

Order Your Moving Boxes in Dunedin Today.