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Hit the Road with Peace of Mind

Travelling can be a pivotal moment in people’s lives. Different cultures, lifestyles and experiences can enrich our lives.

New Zealand is a travel-mad nation, with approximately a quarter of our population overseas at any given time. It’s in our nature to get out and explore the world.

It’s also common for businesses to send employees overseas, on short-term or long-term assignments. This leaves employees in limbo with nowhere to store their important stuff, until they return.

When it comes time to make your trip, the last thing you need to be worrying about is what to do with the stuff you leave behind. It’s something all travellers need to think about.

In the dark ages your only choice was to take out a self-storage unit. However, these often end up being expensive because you pay for space you don’t use. Even worse you have to lug your stuff there before you leave and back when you return. This creates even more inconvenience and cost at a time when you are busy planning for your trip.

Store Ur Box allows you to safely store you excess items and only pay for what you use. Why hire a whole unit when you can pay by the box?

Here’s how it works: We drop off empty boxes to you, you pack your belongings, you contact us to come and pick them up, we store them in our secure facility and deliver back to you whenever you want it.

For more information, or to place a booking please contact usFREE PHONE 0508 202 202.