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Cheap Holidays 4 Ur Stuff

Studying away from home is a popular option for tertiary students all over New Zealand. We have powerhouse campuses all around the country, from Auckland to Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch and of course, Otago.

The experience of living on-campus or moving to a different city is an exciting one and many young people see it as a right of passage, a time for spontaneity and to spread their wings.

Visits home are pretty much mandatory for all students while studying, especially for the three month long summer break.

If you’re a student this leaves the problem of what to do with your stuff while you’re away – it’s a given that you will have important things which you can’t take home with you, but you don’t want just lying around.

Rather than clutter up your flat or hostel, or throw things out, we have the perfect alternative for you.

Store Ur Box allows you to safely stash your belongings in our secure facilities while you jet set back and forth around the country.

Our service is tailor made for the student budget – only pay by the item, whether it’s a box, suitcase or more we offer the cheapest storage solution ever. So let your parents know!

You don’t need a car, or to even leave the couch as we’ll come to your doorstep – think of us as a taxi for your stuff.

Here’s how it works; we deliver empty boxes for you to pack and secure, once you’ve done that we take your stuff to our place and store it. When you need to get your goodies back, let us know and we will bring them back ASAP.

Store Ur Box takes care of everything, making it without a doubt the cheapest, most ideal storage solution for all students.

With facilities in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, we are the perfect choice to help make your student life a little easier. Contact us today – FREE CALL 0508 202 202.

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