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Never Use Self Storage Again!

Changing personal circumstances can often lead to changes in living situations.

As well as financial incentives, significant events such as children leaving home, entering retirement, or cashing in on the property market often act as triggers for downsizing homes.

Although downsizing may be a desirable switch up, there are challenges involved in the process, primarily – what to do with all your stuff?

Having too much stuff may stop you from downsizing, however there are solutions.

Hiring out a self-storage unit could seem the only option. However, these often end up being expensive because you pay for space you don’t use. Even worse you have to lug your stuff there and back whenever you want something.

Store Ur Box is able to offer the perks of having a self-storage unit, without the cost and inconvenience.

Here’s how it works: We drop off empty boxes to you, you pack your belongings, you contact us to come and pick them up, we store them in our secure facility and deliver back to you whenever you want it.

Contact Store Ur Box to see how we can help you to downsize – FREE CALL 0508 202 202.