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Business Storage Solutions

As COVID-19 spreads like wildfire around the world, employers and employees alike are being forced to look at the way they work and make changes to combat the spread of the virus.


All across New Zealand crowded workplaces and call centres are being re-configured or abandoned to reduce cost and enable social distancing. Working from home is not just recommended it is now standard for most businesses. In many cases only 50% of an office based team will be on site, with the rest working from home.

Business Storage, Home Office Storage, Social Distancing and Coronavirus:
How Store Ur Box can help you!

Our Store Ur Box service is a dream come true for those working out of home offices or reconfiguring their offices to enable social distancing. It’s so simple and cost effective it will blow you away!
Office and Business Storage

For most businesspeople working from home, having enough space is crucial for day-to-day functionality. With excess inventory, office supplies and files quickly piling up in garages and bedrooms the challenge is to find more space to accommodate the increasing demand for storage.
Storage units are expensive and require another layer of systems and inventory control. Then there is the added hassle of visiting the units to drop off or retrieve files and other essential items.
The Store Ur Box Solution
Our contactless storage solution assists individuals and businesses to reclaim their office space by securely storing documents and office equipment on their behalf.
Getting Started
There’s no time like the present, so here’s how to get started;
It’s as simple as calling us or placing a booking online, our team will do everything from there. We will drop off the empty boxes to the workplace, once they are packed and secured we return for collection and deliver them to our stores.
An online inventory keeps track of what documents and items are in storage, which box they are in and where they are located in the racking. There is no need for any additional inventory systems.
As soon as a retrieval is requested, the Store Ur Box courier team will deliver them straight back to the place of business, within 36 working hours of receiving the instruction.
Why use Store Ur Box?
Firstly Store Ur Box has over 25 years’ experience in the management of business equipment and records, with over 1,000,000 boxes on file across 10 locations in New Zealand.
All of our primary storage facilities are fully racked, sprinklered and under 24 hour security camera surveillance. Access is by key fob readers providing an optimum balance between convenience and security.
We use market leading O'Neil's software solutions. We can manage and track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes. As a specialist provider to the health and legal sectors we understand the need for 100% confidentiality and accuracy.
Our service is more cost effective than any storage unit. You only pay for what you need, not for an entire unit. We have full inventory control and also collect and return your stored items right to the doorstep, at very low cost. In most cases we can arrange a same day or next morning service.
Contact Store Ur Box today to see how we can assist the growth of your business. Call us on: 0508 202 202 or complete the form online.