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Safe Affordable Storage Solutions

Are you trying to find the best storage solutions near you? In today’s day and age, where more people are opting for a nomad lifestyle, finding smart and affordable self storage solutions has become even more imperative.

Most self storage options make you pay by the ‘slot’, which means you pay for breadth, width, and empty, ‘thin air’ more than you pay for your inventory. That can put a strain on your budget, especially if you are a student planning to go home for summer break, and are looking for affordable storage space for your items.

Self storage has become very popular among small business owners. It is an affordable storage solution compared to moving to a bigger office to store all your office items and goods. Following are some benefits of choosing Store Ur Box for small business owners:

  • Free up space in the office – this is especially important for those with small office space. By storing extra things off-site, it can help to make the physical space in the office more open, clean and decluttered.
  • Archive documents – legal documents, employee records, receipts, customer records, tax documents and other paperwork can pile up in a large quantity over the years. These documents may contain confidential information that you don’t want to reveal to everyone, and you can keep them safe in a self storage box at Store Ur Box.
  • Store seasonal goods – businesses that sell seasonal items like Christmas decorations or Halloween merchandise can store away their items in a safe place well protected till the next season when they are required.

At Store Ur Box, we help you store away any extra things you have. If you are looking for convenient, smart, and budget-friendly storage solutions near you, Store Ur Box is perfect for you.

Our self storage solutions are affordable, cloud-based, highly-secure, and most importantly, tailored to our customers’ needs. With Store Ur Box, you don’t pay for thin air or empty lots. You pay for storage by the box and can access your inventory from any location in the world.

Affordable Safe Storage Solutions

Self Storage

At Store Ur Box, our core mission is to offer affordable and safe storage solutions. Our monthly storage plans start at as low as $4.99. That’s what you pay for a single cup of coffee!

Our affordable and safe storage solutions are designed to help you cut costs and have the flexibility to stop paying for your goods the day you retrieve them. With us, you don’t pay an entire month’s cost for just fifteen days of storage. You pay for storage by the box, and by the day.

But we don’t stop here. We take the responsibility of keeping your goods safe very seriously. With our safe and affordable storage solutions, you never have to worry about your belongings again.

Our storage warehouses are temperature-controlled, stacked with fire alarm, sprinklers, and other high-tech security devices including CCTV cameras, security codes for entrance, and separate codes for each customer’s belongings. Our warehouses are also guarded by a highly-trained security team 24/7, and can only be accessed by a select few members of the team. To add extra security, most of our customers insure their goods against damages of up to $10,000 and more.

Our goal is to offer the best safe storage solutions in town, and we set the bar very high.

Choosing The Right Storage Box

If you are looking for storage solutions near you for short or long term, our safe spaces throughout NZ can cater to your storage requirements.

We’re all about safety and durability. With our storage solutions, we provide heavy-duty plastic containers and boxes that are specially designed for transportation and storage. They are sturdy, have good shape, and keep our unyielding security seals in place. You can store anything you want except for perishable items.

Here is a selection of boxes you can choose from depending on your requirements and materials:

  • Standard Crate (70 litres)
  • SUPA Crate (145 litres)
  • Small DocuBox (29 litres)
  • Large DocuBox (43 litres)
  • Large Suitcase (112 litres)
  • Small Suitcase (70 litres)

Repacking Your Goods

The entire point of the exercise is to ensure that your goods stay safe, secure, and undamaged. At Store Ur Box, we’re all about flexibility and allow the customers to use their own boxes or suitcases if they want, but only, if their choice of packing falls in compliance with our strict guidelines.

We accept boxes or suitcases that are robust, optimally sized, can keep our security seals in place and are well packed (double-walled cardboard). We do not accept any box or suitcase heavier than 25kg.

If we find your packing insufficient, we will have to repack your goods in our boxes and suitcases and notify you beforehand. You can opt to repack your stuff on your own again or pay an additional price for our boxes.

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