About Us

Storage Solutions NZ | Store Ur Box
Store Ur Box is a division of Crown Records Management, one of the largest information management companies in the world. On a global basis Crown has 174 records management warehouses across 40 countries, housing over 30,000,000 customer cartons.  
Within New Zealand we operate from eight modern warehouses and have over 1,000,000 customer cartons under our care. The Store Ur Box service is a natural extension of the records management business and we are delighted to bring New Zealand’s first ‘nationwide’ valet storage business into the market.    
When you choose Store Ur Box for your storage solution be assured that we are supported by the most advanced tracking technologies, security systems and data management protocols. All of our facilities have high level security, sprinkler systems and risk management protocols in place. 

One of our unique advantages is that the scale of our business allows for cost efficiencies, services and a pricing structure that simply can’t be matched by storage operators.


When you store with Store Ur Box you can sleep at night knowing your boxes are in the hands of ‘experts’ in the storage business. Store Ur Box is safer than Fort Knox!

To find out more contact us today, call: 0508 202 202 or email: nz@storeurbox.co.nz