Store Ur Box Insurance
We recommend that our customers take out Store Ur Box insurance protection as you can never be too careful that something unforeseen may happen! The reason you are storing with us is that your things are special and important so this is why they should be protected.

When we say ‘Store Ur Box insurance protection’ don’t worry we are underwritten by  Allianz, one of the world’s best known insurers and financial services groups. While arranging protection is a simple process, there are some important base details you need to be aware of;
  • Our insurance charges are monthly and will be integrated with your monthly storage payment
  • Your goods will be covered  to the total value you have requested, however the value will be spread equally across the total number of individual cartons, crates or suitcases you want insured. For example if you insure 5 crates for $10,000 the individual crates are covered for $2000 each.
  • The total amount insured can’t exceed $10,000 per individual box, crate or suitcase.
  • If  you change the number of items you are  storing, the original agreed value will still be spread across the remaining number under our care  unless you change the insured value direct with us.
  • The insurance does not cover the loss of or damage to individual items stored within the crate(s) unless the whole crate is lost or damaged
Here’s some more important stuff on the insurance cover we provide; 
Base 'Store Ur Box' Insurance Protection
Your crate(s) shall only be covered against physical loss of or damage  that occurs during the period of  storage and transit where it is directly caused by:
  • fire, or explosion;
  • theft;
  • burglary;
  • flood, lightning, hail, windstorm, tornado, cyclone;
  • Natural Disaster;
  • collision or impact of the conveying vehicle with any external object other than the road, gutter, curb or road surface;
  • collision, crashing or forced landing of aircraft (including an aircraft used to transport Customer Goods);
  • collapse of bridges or culverts causing damage to the Customer Goods on the conveying vehicle;
  • jack-knifing, overturning and/or derailment of the conveying vehicle;
  • impact of the Customer Goods with any object which is not on or part of the conveying vehicle, but excluding impact with the ground.

$2,500 natural disasters;
$250 all other losses
  • Jewellery - This Policy does not insure against loss of or damage to any jewellery, precious stones, furs, precious metals or bullion
  • Land - This Policy does not insure against loss of or damage to any land, structures, landscaping, garden or property at or near the insured’s place of domicile
  • Money -This Policy does not insure against loss of or damage to Money, meaning current coin, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal notes, travellers cheques, money orders, unused postage stamps, franking machine credits, tickets, redeemable vouchers and tokens, and other negotiable instruments.
  • Timber and Crops - This Policy does not insure against loss of or damage to any standing timber, growing crop, pasture, livestock, road or bridge, pier or wharf.
  • Vehicles - This Policy does not insure against loss of or damage to any motor vehicle or  other mechanically or electrically propelled vehicles or  mobile plant used at the Insured’s premises and not otherwise insured.
  • Tobacco or cigarettes
  • Wine, beer or other alcohol if the value exceeds NZ$5,000
  • Paint
  • Coin and/or stamp collections, deeds, securities
  • Artworks, curios and paintings if the total value exceeds NZ5,000
  • Photographic equipment, video and/or audio equipment, computers and any other electronic equipment if the total value exceeds NZ$5,000
  • Any other property that the Insured is not liable for under their storage contract