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How To Declutter And Reclaim Your Lost Space

Living an uncluttered, stress free life with less stuff sounds like a dream to many people around the world.

A cleaner house and fewer possessions means; less stuff to clean, more time for you, more money and more energy.

Sounds great right? It’s no wonder that minimalist living is one of the most popular lifestyle trends sweeping the globe.

It all makes sense in theory, but how does it become a reality?

Start Small

Like any big task, it helps to start by taking baby steps.

A baby step in this case is choosing a small room and getting stuck in – rather than drifting from room to room, doing a little here and there, it’s much more effective to concentrate on one area.

If you’re finding it hard to focus, it’s recommended to start by spending five minutes at a time on a single project and working your way up.

Consistency is Key

A successful attack on clutter can often require time, energy and motivation. It’s important to form a routine of decluttering session – patience is key!

Make it a habit – even spending up to five minutes a day can wield successful results in the long run.

Sticking to a decluttering schedule brings the goal of a minimalist, stress free lifestyle closer and closer to reality.

It won’t happen by itself, so get stuck in – smartly.

Take Control 

In certain situations, clutter can be an accumulation of different people’s belongings – especially in family households.

Some flat mates make their mess other people’s problem, children leave their toys in the living room – the list goes on.

Tempting as it may be to call a family or flat meeting, conventional wisdom suggests that this may not work out positively.

Instead, taking the lead and mastering your own clutter may be the better option.

This tactic will surely bring about motivation for the rest of the household to follow in your footsteps and sort out their own stuff.

By walking the walk, and taking matters in to your own hand you’ll be able to safely steer your household in the direction of a clutter-free, organised home!

The Four Box Method

The Four Box Method is a well-known strategy in the minimalist community. It’s a way to force decisions, item by item, on the future of your stuff.

So there are four boxes; one to Put Away, one to Give Away, one to Sell, and one for Storage.

Take the boxes to your decluttering area, and one at a time begin sorting each item in to a category.

It’s important to be decisive at this time; otherwise you may never come around to sorting out your stuff.

The Four Box method will work for anyone, in any declutter mode. Use it to clear a shelf or drawer each day, or apply it as part of a whole-house weekend assault on clutter. By forcing a decision, it will serve you well as you cull clutter from the home.

Although it may seem daunting at first, decluttering your home is a sure way to free up your time and space, save time and eliminate unnecessary stressed from day-to-day life.

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