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What You Need To Know About Store Ur Box

Store Ur Box takes the traditional self-storage model and flips it on its head; cutting costs, saving time and removing inconvenience – we live in an age of convenience, so why should storage be any different?Store Ur Box offers a ‘full service’, valet style storage solution where you pay ‘by the box’ for exactly how much space you need.When we say we provide the ‘full service’, we mean it – you will never have to visit a storage unit again, as we drop off empty boxes to you, collect them, and courier them back whenever you need.

So, if you’re looking to free up time, preserve memories, save money or create some more space in your home, Store Ur Box is the perfect storage solution for you.

Best of all, you will love working with our customer-focused team, who make it a priority that you enjoy a stress free experience.

So, how does it all work?

  1. Head to and use our ‘easy pick’ menu to choose the storage option you require; either our boxes and crates or your own suitcases. Then, schedule an appointment for us to deliver your boxes – if you don’t require our boxes then we can pick up your own suitcases.
  2. Our courier will deliver empty boxes to your doorstep, and then will wait up to 15 minutes while you organise your items – alternatively we can drop them off and come back later to collect and seal them.
  3. Store Ur Box safely takes your boxes/crates/suitcases back to our state of the art warehouses.
  4. Whenever you want your things back, we will courier them right back to your doorstep on demand.
Worried about security? We are safer than Fort Knox:We take security extremely seriously – it’s our duty to ensure that your valuable possessions are taken care of with the utmost safety, that’s why we have put together a system we think is safer than Fort Knox.•    All boxes or crates have a security seal that can only be broken by you
•    Our warehouses are fully racked and sprinklered
•    All facilities are under 24 hour surveillance
•    All facilities have restricted access and security measures in place
•    Our cloud-based online inventory allows you to keep track of all your items in storage

Who needs to use Store Ur Box?

  1. Travellers of all kinds: Whether short term or long term, travellers are able to store their important belongings with us for whenever they get back. Since plans change, Store Ur Box’s flexibility and ‘pay by the box’ plan is the ideal solution.
  2. Businesses: Build-ups of paperwork, files and excess documentation can chew up unnecessary amounts of office space and kill productivity. Businesses of all nature are able to use Store Ur Box to reclaim their space and reinvigorate workplace culture.
  3. Downsizing: Moving in to a smaller home, a lifestyle village or switching to an apartment means less space for all your possessions – we can keep hold of your belongings that you don’t want to throw away.
  4. University Students: Headed home for the summer? It’s more than likely that you will have important stuff you don’t want lying around the flat. Based in Auckland, Waikato and Otago – we can safely keep it for you until you return for your study.
  5. House Sitters: Often away from home for months at a time, or temporarily without a fixed residence, house sitters can store their valuables until they need them and take advantage of our flexible, cheap solution.
Everyone Else:
  1. Too many clothes, shoes or sporting equipment clogging up your living space? We can act as your extra closet and help to declutter and simplify your day-to-day life.
  2. You may have special memories that are being saved for the next generation or a special occasion – these precious items will guaranteed to be safe with us until they are needed.
In summary Store Ur Box can help out anybody looking to reclaim their lost space and simplify their day to day lives. Book online today or give our friendly team a call on: 0508 202 202