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Space Saving Ideas for Small Office Storage

Do you feel like your office is running out of space, and you’re stuck watching the clutter pile up? Are you working from a small home office and struggling to find a place to put everything you need? Do you wish you had a business storage solution at hand? In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make the most of a small office.

From turning to technology, to putting under-utilised space to work, to rethinking your furniture entirely – there’s lots you can do to get a big effect out of small space.

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Embrace The Cloud

Digital technology can transform more than just your workflow – it’s a fantastic business storage solution, too. That’s because one of the easiest ways to free up space in your cluttered office is to work out whether you need to be using that space at all. If file cabinets are taking up all your room and stacks of paper are crowding every table, it’s time to consider going digital.

Cloud archiving is a great way to back up hard-copy files and make them accessible to remote employees. Once you’ve scanned your files and digitally stored them, you can then recycle your bulky paper files or put them into storage. You could then even clear out your office’s bulky file cabinets, freeing up even more space!

Rethink Your Furniture

Can an aesthetic be a business storage solution? With minimalism, it’s certainly possible. By making smart choices about your office furniture, you could create more space in your office.

Consider choosing convertible or standing desks, or replacing old, bulky chairs with sleeker, slimmer, ergonomic models. If your industry allows it, you could even replace huge conference tables with arrangements of bean bag chairs – this is a great way to transform the atmosphere of your office, too.

Reducing the size of your furniture can make your room feel larger and less cramped. You might even be able to remove some furniture entirely, like decorative tables.

Use Your Corners

Corners can be frustrating because they seem like restricted, dead space, but you can easily transform them into a business storage solution. Instead of leaving them empty or trying to force in decor to fill the area, think about how you could maximise their efficiency.

You could tuck large items like copy machines, recycling bins, and supply cabinets into your office’s corners. Try to avoid placing desks in corners; however – no employee likes to spend all of their time at work facing two walls.

Design websites like Pinterest offer a range of ideas on how you can make your corner spaces work for you.

Put Your Under-Desk Space To Work

All that empty space underneath your desk can do a lot for your office storage needs, too. Rollout cabinets are an excellent business storage solution. They can function as storage while sitting underneath the desk and can be rolled out and used as an extra desktop when they’re needed. That’s why they’re a great option if you have employees working flexibly.

You could also erect recessed shelving beneath your desks. That’s a great way to create additional space to store documents and paperwork within easy reach while clearing up space on the desktop itself.

Think Creative – Go Vertical

When the space in your office is limited, you have to start thinking about how to make the most out of everything available. One thing people commonly overlook is how to utilise their vertical space. Fortunately, there are many ways you can transform that dead air space into a creative business storage solution.

Tall bookcases, mounted shelvings, and wall storage are all great ways to make your unused space work for you and your business. Documents and other items can be moved off your office floors, keeping them clean and clutter-free. Plus, this will make your room seem even more spacious as a result!

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